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MDF Units: Stratford and Avon

We’re proud to introduce the gorgeous new Forever Moments MDF Creative Storage Projects; inspired by Shakespeare’s home town of Stratford-upon-Avon – these MDF boxes are the perfect storage solutions for your Nuvo Pens Collection, Pencils, Paintbrushes and more.

Our brand new MDF boxes are the perfect collectable and craft-able modular units which can be personalised with decorative papers, dies, gilding blush, glaze and embellishment mousse!

The Stratford Creative Storage Project has been designed with a pretty intricate top inspired by country cottage chic, so that it can be decorated and featured in your craft room.

It comes in a pack of 7 panels and is easy to construct using Tonic Glue. Decorate it in your own style for a unique storage solution, using beautiful patterned papers, plain papers, 3D flowers, ribbons, butterflies – whatever you desire.

The Avon Creative Storage Project has been designed as a modular unit to be used with the Stratford, to expand your storage capabilities.

It is stackable which means you can have a number of them in one place minimising space used up in your craft room. It is also designed to be able to be stacked on its side so you could have three of the units on their side that would take up roughly the same amount of desk room as one lying flat.

This set contains 7 MDF panels with 39 holes to hold the pens perfectly. This allows you to organise them by colour so you can always find the shade you need. It is easily constructed using Tonic Glue, keep an eye on our tutorials for a ‘how to’ video with one of our lovely crafty ladies.

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