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The Christmas Mega Make – The Christmas Double Pop Out Card

You will need:
608e & 609e Pretoria Duo-cap Initial Dies
170e Just For You Pansy Topper Die
410e Verso Ivy Bridge Corner Dies
485e Mixed Oval Layering Die Set 60e Royal Shrub Verso Strip Dies
516e Amelia Embossing Folder

Low tack tape
Regular sticky tape
3d foam pads
A scoring board
Bone folder/scorer
A trimmer/guillotine
A craft pick

7 A4 sheets of cream pearlescent card
1 sheet of Christmassy red card
1 sheet of co-ordinating pattered paper
1 sheet of matt gold
1 sheet of green glitter card
Gold mirror card for the lettering
Thick red ribbon
3 Christmas toppers
Red pearls

The double pop out card is quite a special card to make. It takes quite a few sheets of card and plenty of glue/double sided tape.

1. To start you need to score all of your card pieces so for your base cards place an A4 sheet on your scoreboard, against the bar and score at the half A4 line. Repeat on another sheet, Fold along the score lines and set these aside. For your Pop Outs take a sheet of A4 card, score gate A4, half A4, turn 90 degrees and score gate A4 again. Repeat on another sheet and fold the score lines, the gate A4 lines will be valley folds and the half A4 lines will be mountain folds. Set these aside.

2. To prepare the two base cards, firstly cut the A4 sheet of matt gold card into four equal strips. It may be easier if you score this along the gate A4, half A4, turn and gate A4 again. Stick these into place along the inside edges of both of your base card blanks.

3. Next, cut your sheet of patterned paper into 2 A5 pieces and making sure that the paper fits inside your card fold in half, you can use your scoring board to do this if you need to but paper folds quite easily so I don’t bother. Lay your two base cards on your workspace making sure that the openings match up and that they face each other. Stick your paper in place in each of your card blanks getting them as far into the fold as possible. Again you can set these aside.

4. To cut the pop outs first take the largest scalloped layering oval and line it up along your centre fold line, taping it down well. Run this through your die cutter. Repeat for the other pop out sheet.

5. Next it’s the corners. Line the smaller corner die up around the oval, tape down and cut. Repeat for the other three corners, taping each one down well. You will need to duplicate this on the other pop out sheet.

6. To cut the Strip dies, because of where they are positioned on the card you may need to run them through the cutting machine a few times and even shim the parts that do not cut but please persevere with this as its well worth it for the finished product. You will need to position the strip die centrally on the small panel either side of your pop out. If you have too much trouble cutting these, you can always cut them on an extra strip and layer them with gold, that way you can place them where your machine cuts the best, usually along the edges.

7. Once these are cut you can assemble each of your pop outs cards, lining up the edges and sticking in place making sure that you don’t apply glue or tape to any cut outs.

8. Fold two of the three Christmas toppers in half and stick them into the folds on top of your patterned paper using the oval for positioning.

9. Fold your cards to make sure they are all lined up and place them face down so you can stick them together at the back. Turn them back over.

10. Place a strip of double sided tape along the join and either side but only up to the width of your ribbon, I am using 25mm ribbon and 6mm double sided tape.

11. Cut a length of ribbon to fit around your card with a little extra to secure at the back. Make quite a large looped bow, securing each layer with tape due to the size, when it comes to the centre, as the ribbon is so wide, I fold either side in to the centre and stick that in place around my loops and the ribbon strip that is ready to go in my card securing at the back.

12. Stick the ribbon in place on the double sided tape making sure your bow is central. Now you can cover all of your ‘workings’ with a full sheet of A4 card for stability and also to neaten it up. You can either glue or double sided tape this piece in place.

13. Now for the decoration. For this card I wanted to keep it simple and let the lettering be the main decoration so I cut two red layers, one for each side, leaving a very small cream border and did the same with the cream layer on top, leaving a small red border showing but this time I used the Amelia embossing folder to texture them.

14. Before sticking these in place on my card I added my length of ribbon to each cream layer with double sided tape, making sure they were level. These layers can now be stuck together and onto the card. To die cut the wording I cut the H and the C in gold and green and the rest of the letters for Happy Christmas in just gold, gluing them in place centrally on the ribbon.

15. Die cut the plain square out of the Pansy Topper Die in green and again in cream but then cut the pattern into the cream layer. Glue these together and add your Christmas greeting topper. Cover half of the panel with 3d foam pads and stick to the left side of your card. Add a few red pearls on either side to finish.

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